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Congress enacted the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 and we must now note that these ARE NOT TOYS, AND ARE NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY CHILDREN UNDER AGE OF 14. These products are Model Railroad Equipment and Accessories intended for use by adults.
About:   Zscale Monster Trains
It is my intention to give you the fastest service possible, with fast email responses and very quick order turnarounds (99% of in stock Business Day orders will be shipped within 36 hours of the orders submission. Weekend and Holiday orders may be delayed for the next two business days.
Anthony will special order any products that our manufactures carry, if we do not have it already in stock or on the website. Occasionally there will be a delay while the freight carriers deliver that order to me.
Anthony started the company back in the year 2000. He began by carrying N scale, Nn3 and Z scale products on his website: www.nscalemonster.com. Over time, Z scale sales were becoming more and more popular. To keep up with the customers, Anthony decided to give you your own domain name and pure Z scale website to shop at... and thus Zscale Monster Trains was born. In 2004 we opened www.zscalemonster.com to assist Z scale Modelers, and Z scale Collectors, find all their Z scale products on one very easy to navigate website www.zscalemonster.com
Anthony's Goal: Making Z scale model railroading a Hobby not a hassle for everyone.
About:   Anthony J. Warburton
Anthony has been collecting and running model trains since his grandfather Anthony DeBenedetto introduced them to him, shortly after his birth, 40 years ago. From then on his interest in model railroading and model trains was an addiction and passion.
At this time he is dealing with a disease called Sarcoidosis. Now because of this disease, his preferred method of communication is via email. Email allows him to email when he is feeling his best and give you the best possible communication he can. If there is a bad day for him, he will let you know so you are not hanging and waiting for that email response. If you would like to learn a little about what Anthony is dealing with you may visit this link: Anthony with Sarcoidosis.
His favored road name is Pennsylvania Railroad. From G scale to Z scale, it is all in his collection but only N scale and Z scale are run year round. The other scales are for Christmas and collecting.
Pictured below is my prize Z scale N-5c PRR Cabin Car, custom made for me by David Freehling. At this time it may be the only Z scale N-5c. This is my favorite caboose, and now thanks to David, I have one in every scale. I could not be more pleased with David's amazing work!

About:   Anthony J. Warburton outside of work
There is not much life outside of work, you all keep him very busy... and we are glad. However when he is out of work, he is happy to be gardening and growing many beautiful daylilies; a very relaxing hobby.
At this time Anthony and Shannon are getting divorced. It is sad news to all of our family, friends and customers but we hope to remain friends in the coming years. It will change the performance of Zscale Monster Trains and we will press on.
At this moment, model trains have been mostly work and little play. Most of his hobby time is spent on his new John Deere 2210 tractor. From gardening, mowing the lawn, to grading and plowing the road... you will find him with a grin from ear to ear. Maybe he will leave the cab for a pizza... umm Pizza!
About:   Anthony J. Warburton and his other hobbies
  • Studied Graphich Design and Graphic Arts
  • Automtive Repair and Body Work
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Past Trades:
      • Video Production
            • Filming     • TV Commercials
            • Editing     • Public Access TV
      • High End Cabinet Making
  • Classic Muscle Cars:
        • 1967 Firebird
        • 1973 Camaro
        • 2006 Mustang GT
  • Cabinet Making / Woodworking
  • RC Cars, Gas and Electric
  • Tinkering with Electronics
  • Building Electronic Circuits
  1976 or 1977:
        • Anthony at his Grandfather's
          house with his older brother Joe,
          in Secane, Pennsylvania
        • Yes, it's HO scale
2006 Mustang GT
2010 Ford Explorer Adrenaline   To date:
        • FORD Explorer SportTrac
        • w/ Limited & Adrenaline pkgs
        • Year 2010
        • 300H.P. 4.6L V8
  To date:
        • John Deere 2210
        • 3 Cylinder Diesel
        • Year 2002
        • Hydrostatic Transaxle
        • FEL, Backhoe & more...
2010 Ford Explorer and 2012 PJ Trailer   To date:
        • 2010 FORD Explorer SportTrac
        • 2012 16' PJ Trailer 7k GVWR
        • FORD Mustang GT
        • 300H.P. 4.6L V8
        • Year 2006
        • Windveil Blue
2006 Mustang GT
2010 Ford Explorer and 2012 PJ Trailer   Former:
        • Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GT
        • 350 CID
        • 6-speeed Manual
        • Year 1994

  To date:
        • Chevrolet Camaro Rally Sport
        • 350 CID
        • Year 1973
  Photo Shoot:
        • Sometimes even the cats want
                    their 15 minutes of fame!
        • This paw would belong to Boo
2010 Ford Explorer and 2012 PJ Trailer
2010 Ford Explorer and 2012 PJ Trailer   Daily:
        • This is "Monster", and yes, she
            is named Monster (Evil Monster).
        • When she wants something you
            will know why she is named Monster.
        • Here she is testing a box for quality
            control at Zscale Monster Trains.
The average large order. Boxes The average large order
Boxes Box 1 and sometimes Box 2

Boxes Smaller orders use
Boxes Priority Mail Boxes

Boxes Recycled use of boxes? If a
Boxes used box are in great shape,
Boxes it's always better to reuse.
Boxes Why not ship with it again!

Boxes Damaged boxes get cut up
Boxes and enter the recycle bin.
Boxes Always safe shipping here!
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