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Congress enacted the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 and we must now note that these ARE NOT TOYS, AND ARE NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY CHILDREN UNDER AGE OF 14. These products are Model Railroad Equipment and Accessories intended for use by adults.
ZAP Glues
ZAP Highlights:
• Whatever your application,
• Whatever your demands...
The Zap Adhesive System has the most complete range of formulas and sizes for your needs.
• The Complete Adhesive System
• The Finest CA Formulas, Epoxy Systems, Thread Locker & Resins.
• ZAP products not listed below are easyily special orderd with an email.
ZAP-A-GAP® CA+ (Green Label)
  • CA+ Green
  • 1oz bottle
  $8.49 retail ea. • $6.79

  • Superior gap filling formula
  • Medium viscosity
  • Works on oily surfaces
  • Allow approximately 7 to 10 seconds
        for part positioning
  • Average of 20 seconds for curing
  • 1 oz bottle
Fills gaps. Works well on harder woods such as Bass and Spruce, even works on oily surfaces! Some uses besides hobbies and crafts include; pool cue tips, darts, archery, mold and pattern making. Wood turners and manufactures of custom wood products appreciate the ability of ZAP-A-GAP CA+ to help save their projects by filling in and bonding cracks that often occur in expensive hard woods. Allows 7 to 10 seconds for positioning. Accelerate the cure with Zip Kicker.
ZAP® CA (Pink Label)
#ZAP-08   ZAP CA
  • CA Pink
  • 1oz bottle
  $8.39 retail ea. • $6.71

  • Superior penetrating formula
  • Super thin - water like consistency
  • Bonds and cures in 1 to 5 seconds
  • Works on most materials
  • 1 oz bottle
Super-thin penetrating formula. Works great on most materials, especially Balsa and other soft woods. Excellent "wicking" action. Strengthens fiberglass cloth. Some uses besides hobbies and crafts include; jewelry manufacturing and repair, taxidermy, mold and pattern making, furniture refinishing and antique repair, auto detailing, archery, darts, and ceramic repair. Bonds in 1 to 5 seconds.
#ZAP-12   GOO
  • 1oz tube
  $4.29 retail ea. • $3.43

  • All-purpose adhesive and sealant
  • Bonds virtually everything
  • Remains flexible
  • Dries clear
  • 1 oz tube
  • Works where others won't
Strong flexible adhesive/sealer. Bonds anything. Bonds can be cut with a razor knife. ZAP GOO is an excellent adhesive for today's high tech composite airplane, boat, and car hobby products, and great for all of those fix-it, mend-it, seal-it, and stick-it jobs around the house.
Slo-ZAP® CA- (Yellow Label)
#ZAP-20   Slo-ZAP® CA-
  • CA- Yellow
  • 1oz bottle
  $8.59 retail ea. • $6.87

  • Very high viscosity formula
  • Super thick and super strong
  • Allows part positioning for
        approximately 30 to 40 seconds
  • Use zip kicker to accelerate cure time
  • 1 oz bottle
Thick and strong for high-stress areas. Works well on hard woods such as Maple and Oak. In modeling its ideal for laminating wood parts and forming fillets. Because its thick, it will not run, it forms a very clean even fillet around all types of joints. The high cured strength means it works great on higher stress areas. Allows 30 seconds for positioning and cures in 60 seconds or less. To accelerate cure time use Zip Kicker.
ZAP RAIL ZIP (Track Cleaner)
  • Track Cleaner
  • 1oz bottle
  $5.99 retail ea. • $4.79
Track Cleaner

  • Corrosion inhibitor
  • Restores electrical conductivity
  • Penetrates existing corrosion
  • Will not damage plastics
  • Prevents corrosion for several months
  • 1 oz bottle
High-tech concentrated track cleaner and corrosion inhibitor. Penetrates existing corrosion layers and restores electrical conductivity to all model railroad tracks. It eliminates arching and sparking to assure total layout integrity. The uses for Rail Zip 2 extend beyond model railroading, anywhere you have electrical contacts and corrosion problems you can use Rail Zip 2. Auto connections, plugs/fuses, can remain trouble free. Outdoor lighting fixtures will require less maintenance.
Z-POXY 5 Minute Epoxy
#ZAP-36   5 Minute Epoxy
  • Z-POXY Epoxy Resin
  • Clear Formula
  • 1oz Syringe
  $5.49 retail ea. • $4.39

  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Tough permanent bond
  • Excellent gap filler  
  • Clear formula
  • 1 oz syringe
5 Minute Z-POXY is a premium two part epoxy adhesive that dries clear. Vibration resistant and fuel proof, this epoxy is perfect for all types of hobbies and crafts. Excellent for furniture. It does not get brittle with age and its easy to mix, just combine equal parts by volume. Durable and sand-able.
#ZAP-560   Canopy Glue
  • Formula 560 Canopy Glue
  • Bonds LEDs into place!
  • 3oz bottle
  $4.29 retail ea. • $3.43

  • Mount LEDs into loco headlights
  • Excellent for any clear plastic  
  • Worlds best Canopy Glue
  • Clear and fast drying
  • Water clean up
  • Dries flexible
  • Non-toxic
  • 3 oz bottle
The world's best canopy glue. 560 dries clear making it the perfect glue to use for attaching airplane canopies and vacuum formed ABS parts (Plus LEDs!!!!). The excellent shock resistant flexible bond means your airplane parts will stay put even when subject to high vibration and extreme speeds. 560 is also an excellent craft glue. The nontoxic and water based formula means kids can safely use it for their special projects.
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