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Congress enacted the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 and we must now note that these ARE NOT TOYS, AND ARE NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY CHILDREN UNDER AGE OF 14. These products are Model Railroad Equipment and Accessories intended for use by adults.
40’ Despatch Stock Car
Prototypical Features:
• Accurate printing and paint schemes you have
    come to expect from Micro-Trains®
• Cast Zinc underframe for detail and durability
• Fine Details
• Truck Mounted Couplers
• Magne-Matic Knuckle Couplers
• Detailed brake wheel applied separately
• Nicely Weighted
• Jewel Case
#MTL-520 00 000   Undecorated
  • Color may vary from photo
  $18.90 retail ea. • $15.12
#520 00 000

  • Doors
  • Brake Wheel
  • Micro Trains Line Trucks
  • MTL Truck Mounted Couplers
  • Unpainted Body
Pennsylvania Railroad
#MTL-520 00 181   Pennsylvania
  • Released March 2013
  $25.15 retail ea. • $20.12
#520 00 181

#PRR 135453
#520 00 182

#PRR 135499
These PRR cars were built as part of series 134079-135499. They are steel framed and wood lined with all-steel roof and single 6’ door. Until the early 1960s, when stock traffic declined, solid stock trains were fairly common during the Fall and Spring months. They are painted freight car red with white lettering and a white circle keystone logo. They ride on Bettendorf trucks.
Baltimore & Ohio
#MTL-520 00 201   Baltimore & Ohio
  • Released April 2016
  $22.90 retail ea. • $18.32
#520 00 201

#B&O 11110
#520 00 202

#B&O 11116
These 40’ despatch stock cars are Iron SesquiOxide with white lettering and run on Arch Bar trucks. Built in 1915 as part of series 11000-11449 they helped B&OŽ provide safer, more efficient transportation of all manner of livestock.
Western Pacific
#MTL-520 00 221   Western Pacific
  • Released March 2017
  $22.90 retail ea. • $18.32
#520 00 221

#WP 75894
#520 00 222

#WP 76031
These 40’ despatch stock cars are brown with white lettering and run on Bettendorf trucks. Beginning in 1927, Western Pacific began to convert approximately four hundred 1916 era 40’ boxcars into single-deck stock cars. Many cars from this rebuild program continued to serve in a MOW capacity even into the 1970s.
Northern Pacific
#MTL-520 00 231   Northern Pacific
  • Released May 2017
  $22.90 retail ea. • $18.32
#520 00 231

#520 00 232

These 40’ despatch stock cars are brown with white lettering and run on Bettendorf trucks. This 81750 – 81999 series stock car was heavily used across the Midwest and Northern states in the early part of the 20th century. As livestock demand continued into the 1960s, NP eventually modernized many of their old wood stock cars allowing them to serve into the 1970s.
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