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Congress enacted the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 and we must now note that these ARE NOT TOYS, AND ARE NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY CHILDREN UNDER AGE OF 14. These products are Model Railroad Equipment and Accessories intended for use by adults.
Train Control Systems
• Contact Train Control Systems:
Train Control Systems
P.O. Box 341
845 Blooming Glen Rd.
Blooming Glen, PA 18911
• TCS Web www.tcsdcc.com
• TCS Phone 215-453-9145
• TCS Fax 215-257-0735
• TCS Email tcs@tcsdcc.com
• Train Control Systems WARRANTY PROCEDURE:
All decoders are covered by a one year goof proof, no questions asked warranty. Please return in a padded envelope or small box. 1. Register the decoder(s) on our website at www.tcsdcc.com. 2. Print out a copy of the Warranty Registration and include it in the padded envelope with the decoder(s). 3. Return decoder(s) directly to TCS.
MZA4 Decoder
#TCS-1297   MZA4
• Drop In Decoder for many MTL locos
• Super-bright, golden white LED's
• 4 function
      $48.95 retail ea.   • Discontinued

Drop-in decoder designed for Micro-Trains Line GP9 / GP35 chassis
Dimensions:   1.92" X 0.32" X 0.11"   (32.86mm X 8.12mm X 2.94mm)
View full PDF instructions: Click here
• True "Drop-in" decoder for MTL's:
GP9 & GP35
• Super small size with powerful 1 Amp motor drive
• Back EMF Load Compensation for superior slow speed control
• Quiet Drive creates SUPER QUIET engine performance
• Autodetect for realistic throttle response when using DC power
• Dimmed Brightness of bulbs or LEDs is adjustable
• Variable Momentum lets you make custom acceleration curves
• Ditch Lights: control alternating ditch lights with realistic pulsing
• Mars, Gyra, and Rotary Beacon are adjustable
• Decoder Lock for programming same address decoders independently
• Function Remapping: 13 buttons for most lights, 7 buttons for operations
MZA4 Decoder Installation in MTL GP9 - GP35 (Similar to SD40-2)
Remove the body (skin) by gently pulling up on the shell.
Next remove the fuel tank
First, using tweezers remove the two springs located on either side of the Locomotive (take care not to crush the spring's coils) than slide the original lighting board off.

Here is a picture of the Locomotive's chassis with its shell taken off and without light board installed.

Loosen the six screws holding the frame halfs together about one turn (circled in red), but do not remove the screws. There are three screws on each side.
Gently fit MZA4 so that all four decoder contacts (circled in red) contact the four chassis' posts. Track power connection to the decoder is achieved by a pressure fit between the frame post. Do not attempt to slide the decoder into the slots in the posts the way the original board was. The decoder should be level with the slots but not in them. After the decoder is in place re tighten all six screws.
Attach the half-circle end of the spring to the decoder, and the semi-circle side to the motor tab. Follow spring direction as shown in the photo above. Re-tighten the screws.

This pictures shows electrical contact between the MZA4 and the frame.
Optionally we recommend using Magnetic Wire to replace the "hard to work with" springs that come with the Locomotive.
Here is the picture of MZA4 decoder installed using Magnetic wire.
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