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Congress enacted the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 and we must now note that these ARE NOT TOYS, AND ARE NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY CHILDREN UNDER AGE OF 14. These products are Model Railroad Equipment and Accessories intended for use by adults.
40' Single Door Boxcar
Prototypical Features:
• Accurate printing and paint schemes you have
    come to expect from Micro-Trains®
• Cast Zinc underframe for detail and durability
• Fine Details
• Truck Mounted Couplers
• Magne-Matic Knuckle Couplers
• Detailed brake wheel applied separately
• Nicely Weighted
• Jewel Case
#MTL-500 00 000   Undecorated
  • Actual color may vary from photo
  $16.45 retail ea. • $13.16
#500 00 000

  • Brake Wheel
  • Sliding Single Doors
  • Micro Trains Line Trucks
  • MTL Truck Mounted Couplers
Chicago Great Western
#MTL-500 00 431   CGW
  • Released November 2007
  $22.05 retail ea. • $17.64
#500 00 431

#CGW 5356
#500 00 432

#CGW 5396
These 40' standard box cars with single Youngstown doors and roofwalk are painted brown with the orange, black and white CGW "Lucky Strike" logo. The cars are lettered in yellow with a large letter "C" stenciled on the right hand side indicating compartmentizer equipment. These cars were built by Pullman-Standard in July 1951 and serviced in September 1955. They run on black Bettendorf trucks. Only 15 cars from this series were equipped with compartmentizers.
Southern Pacific
#MTL-500 00 581   Southern Pacific
  • Released June 2009
  $24.90 retail ea. • $19.92
#500 00 581

#SP 163324
#500 00 582

#SP 163326
Silver and black w/ orange and red logos and black lettering. Built in June 1946 by Mt. Vernon Car Co., serviced in Feb 1956, on Bettendorf trucks. The silver “Overnights” paint scheme was adopted in 1955; the herald was SP Daylight Orange with black lettering; the logo lettering was SP Daylight Red. The word “Overnights” was dropped in 1957 and shortly after, in 1958, the color of the herald was changed from orange to Daylight Red. No attempt was made to repaint the entire fleet of overnight cars. The silver “Overnights” paint scheme was seen into the late 60s.
Missouri Pacific
#MTL-500 00 610   Missouri Pacific
  • Released October 2009
  $25.40 retail ea. • $24.32
#500 00 610

#MP 129685
Painted box car red w/ white lettering, red and white MP logo, and multi-colored ‘Herbie’ graffiti; it runs on Roller Bearing trucks. In 1979 MP’s Arkansas division safety committee held a contest for a new safety slogan to be used on safety posters. David Newborne, a carman in Memphis, TN, won the contest. The committee decided to paint it on the side of MP 129685 and subsequently it toured the MP system in active service.
#MTL-500 00 661   MKT
  • Released October 2010
  $22.20 retail ea. • $17.76
#500 00 661

#M-K-T 97649
#500 00 662

#M-K-T 97664
Brown w/ white lettering & heralds; built Nov. 1956 on Bettendorf trucks. The Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad (MKT or Katy) began as the Union Pacific Railway (no corporate relation to the UP of today) in 1865. The 1st railroad to enter TX from the north. Purchased in 1988 by MoPac, a subsidiary of the modern UP. “The Katy was a publicity conscious railroad, at one time having staged construction races and even head-on collisions (e.g. the famous Crash at Crush, Texas in 1896).”
Canadian National
#MTL-500 00 671   Canadian National
  • Released December 2010
  $22.20 retail ea. • $17.76
#500 00 671

#CN 521992
#500 00 672

#CN 521999
Brown w/ green & white maple leaf herald & white lettering; built in Jan. 1946 on Bettendorf trucks. Canadian National is the largest railway in Canada, in terms of both revenue and the physical size of its rail network. It is currently Canada’s only transcontinental railway, spanning Canada from the Atlantic Coast in Nova Scotia to the Pacific Coast in British Columbia. It also operates extensive trackage in the central US along the Mississippi River valley at the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico.
Baltimore & Ohio
#MTL-500 00 751   Baltimore & Ohio
  • Released February 2013
  $28.90 retail ea. • $23.12
#500 00 751

#B&O 466032
#500 00 752

#B&O 466096
Painted in the late 1940s ‘Sentinel fast freight service’ paint scheme w/ aluminum car, w/ blue masked sides, and blue & silver lettering; they bear the mulit-colored ‘Signal’ heralds. Built in Aug. 1945 by General American Transportation on Bettendorf trucks. Immediately after WWII, B&O introduced colorfully painted box cars designed to win-over shippers in response to the ever growing competition from trucks. This is the time B&O began it’s ‘Sentinel Service’ guaranteeing delivery dates to shippers.
Chesapeake & Ohio
#MTL-500 00 761   Chesapeake & Ohio
  • Released November 2014
  $30.85 retail ea. • $24.68
#500 00 761

#C&O 3203
#500 00 762

#C&O 3212
These 40’ standard box cars with single door were built by Pullman Standard in 1940 as part of series 3000-3899. The original Chessie road, the C&O, ran the rails from Newport News, VA in the East to Chicago, IL in the West.
Burlington Northern
#MTL-500 00 781   Burlington Northern
  • Released December 2014
  $24.95 retail ea. • $19.96
#500 00 781

#BN 124345
#500 00 782

#BN 124340
These 40’ standard box cars with single doors are painted green with white lettering. Originally built by the CB&Q in 1957 as part of the CB&Q 62500-63999 series, these cars have been assigned to hide loading. They have top hatches (hence, the AAR mechanical designation of “LC”) and are steel lined.
Canadian Pacific
#MTL-500 00 801   Canadian Pacific
  • Released February 2015
  $23.75 retail ea. • $19.00
#500 00 801

#CP 252370
#500 00 802

#CP 252363
• Crate loads included
• These 40’ standard box cars with single door are brown with white lettering. Built in 1929 by Canadian Car and Foundry as part of series 252250-253999, this was the fi rst large group of steel box cars to be built and operated in Canada.
Chesapeake & Ohio
#MTL-500 00 861   Chesapeake & Ohio
  • Released July 2015
  $29.95 retail ea. • $23.96
#500 00 861

#C&O 12498
#500 00 862

#C&O 12505
These 40’ standard box cars with single door are blue with yellow lower band and lettering and run on Bettendorf trucks. Built by Pullman Standard as part of series 12392-13135 these colorful cars were repainted in 1957 as part of C&O’s last attempt to save some of their already declining LCL business.
Canadian Pacific
#MTL-500 00 881   Canadian Pacific
  • Released December 2015
  $28.60 retail ea. • $22.88
#500 00 881

#CP 29104
#500 00 882

#CP 29110
These 40’ standard box cars with single doors are black with maroon sides and gold lettering. Built in 1937 as part of series 29019-29115, they are equipped for passenger train service with stream and signal lines and U-C air brakes and run on Roller Bearing trucks.
Denver & Rio Grande Western
#MTL-500 00 901   D&RGW
  • Released August 2016
  $33.60 retail ea. • $26.88
#500 00 901

#D&RGW 69750
#500 00 902

#D&RGW 69789
These 40’ standard box cars with single door are orange with aluminum band and black lettering and run on Bettendorf trucks. Built in 1959 as part of series 69400-69899, these cars were marked to carry zinc, lead and copper concentrates and later wood chips as the economy and demand for those metals began to diminish.
New York, Susquehanna & Western
#MTL-500 00 911   NYSW
  • Released December 2016
  $25.80 retail ea. • $20.64
#500 00 911

#NYSW 501
#500 00 912

#NYSW 505
These 40’ standard box cars with single door are painted dark green with yellow lettering and run on Bettendorf trucks. From a group of 24 cars built in 1936, it was painted in this scheme in 1964. The unique Susie-Q icon is dressed in her railroad outfit of blue and waves a red and yellow oncoming signal lamp. The NYSW connects with other roads including Conrail, CP Rail Systems, and Stourbridge Railroad.
Maine Central
#MTL-500 00 921   Maine Central
  • Released January 2017
  $24.60 retail ea. • $19.68
#500 00 921

#MEC 8211
#500 00 922

#MEC 8217
These 40’ standard box cars with single doors are green with yellow door and lettering and run on Bettendorf trucks. Built in 1951 as part of an order of 250 cars, these cars were serviced and repainted into the green and yellow scheme in 1963. Maine Central was chartered in 1856 and by 1981 it had more than 1,000 miles of track. It continued to operate until 1981 when it was absorbed by what is now Pan Am Railways.
Great Northern Circus Series #1
#MTL-500 00 930   Great Northern
  • Released February 2017
  $25.95 retail ea. • $20.76
#500 00 930

#GN 18007
This 40’ standard box car with single door is orange with dark green lettering and runs on Bettendorf trucks. In an effort to develop a new paint scheme, Great Northern decorated a number of box cars in different experimental paint schemes in 1956 and sent them across the GN network for feedback. Due to the bright and gaudy colors, this group of cars were dubbed the “Circus Cars”.
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