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Congress enacted the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 and we must now note that these ARE NOT TOYS, AND ARE NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY CHILDREN UNDER AGE OF 14. These products are Model Railroad Equipment and Accessories intended for use by adults.
Tech Tips     SD70 Locomotive Plow Installation
From American Z Line:
AZL is known for providing unique and optional parts with their locomotive runs. The recent series of SD70 locomotive is no exception. AZL has included an optional plow with each locomotive. The plow is designed to replace the truck mounted coupler. The coupler is more of a static piece, but it can be used for operations. Installing the optional plow is not too difficult, but certain steps must be followed.
The following tools will assist you in the process:
    • Straight Saw
    • Small Flathead Screwdriver
    • File or Dremel with Sanding Disk
    • Wire Snips (optional)
    • Cynoacrylic Glue (optional)
    • A Good, Clean, Work Surface
American Z Lines
Step 1:
Start by removing the shell. I grab the cab of the locomotive with one hand and the fuel tank with the other. I gently wiggle the shell free. The flathead screwdriver can also be used to pry the shell off of the chassis. With the shell off, you will see the clips that hold the chassis togeather. (see photo)
Step 2:
Remove the black clip that is above the front truck (assuming you are installing the plow on the front of the locomotive). The small flathead screwdriver is helpful in popping out the black clip. I then use the screwdriver to help spread the front of the chassis apart while carefully working out the front truck. The truck is held in by bassically two protrusions that extend off of the tower. Once one protrusion is free, the truck will drop out. Be careful not to pull down on the truck as it may come apart. The photo shows the clip off and the truck out of the chassis.
American Z Lines
Step 3:
American Z Lines
With the truck off, it is time to do some cutting. The coupler on the truck will need to be cut off. The key is to remove the coupler box, but leave the plate that the coupler box attaches to the truck body. I use the straight saw to cut off the coupler by keeping the blade flush against the end of the coupler box (adjacent to the truck).
When cutting, note that debris will stick to the oils on the truck surface. Make sure to remove all debris to avoid it from being drawn into the gearing of the truck.
Step 4:
American Z Lines
Use a file, or Dremel with a sanding disk, to remove any burr that has formed on the sides of the coupler plate (indicated in the photo by the reference point #1). You will also want to slightly bevel this edge to create more of a curved surface. The truck can be strengthened and reinforced by adding a drop of CA glue in the gap indicated in the photo by the reference point #2.
Step 5:
Reinsert the truck into the chassis. Replace the black clip.
Step 6:
To Install the plow, note the plow has four small pins, two on each side. These pins correspond with four small holes on the shell (inside the front stairs). Test fit the plow. In some instances the stair railings may have extra moaerial on the inside of the shell. Use the snips to cut this material flush.
American Z Lines
Step 7:
Continue to work the plow into the holes on the shell. A little flexing of the stairs may help. The pins on the plow can break off, if you are not careful, so take your time. I found that I was able to get three of the four pins inserted cleanly. The fourth pin was at a point at which the stairs flared out a little too much. This was not an issue as the plow stays in place just fine. If you plan to use the coupler on the plow, in operational service, I recommend securing the plow with CA glue to give it a very secure and storng hold.
Step 8:
Replace the shell and test the swing of the truck. The tollerences are very tight. If there is any rubbing you may have to file the coupler back place slightly for clearance. When done, your locomotive will appear as the one shown on the right in the photo. There is a big difference compared to the one on the left (as delivered from the factory).
Additional Parts:
Question: What is the little sprue of silver parts that is included with each SD70?
Answer: These are optional antennas and roof equipment
American Z Lines These types of details can be found on the prototypical locomotives, but vary between locomotives. As you can see, in the photo, these details sit right on the top of the roof. AZL has provided these parts to you so that you can install them as details on some, or all, of your SD70 fleet.
American Z Lines
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