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Congress enacted the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 and we must now note that these ARE NOT TOYS, AND ARE NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY CHILDREN UNDER AGE OF 14. These products are Model Railroad Equipment and Accessories intended for use by adults.
Pacific Fruit Express Freight Sets
• Highly complex working side rods
• Directional controlled LED Headlight
• Brass Locomotive Construction
• 10mm Faulhauber motor
• Articulated brass body
• Prototype specific detailing
• Cab interior
• The set is rated for 220mm Minimum
• These are a limited edition release
• Each set includes 12 Reefers
• Intricate micro printing and decoration
• Fine injection molded details
• Blackened metal wheels
• AZL AutoLatch™ couplers
• AZL Trucks with truck mounted couplers
Southern Pacific AC12 Cabforward Set
#AZL-40101   SP AC12 Set
  • Released May 2011
  $2,115.00 retail ea. • $1766.07
  • AC-12 Brass Loco & Tender
  • PFE Wood Reefers X 12
  • Red SP Caboose






Southern Pacific GS4 Deskirted Black Set
#AZL-40102   SP GS3/4 Set
  • Released May 2011
  $2,115.00 retail ea.
  • GS3/4 Brass Loco & Tender
  • PFE Wood Reefers X 12
  • Red SP Caboose






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