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Congress enacted the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 and we must now note that these ARE NOT TOYS, AND ARE NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY CHILDREN UNDER AGE OF 14. These products are Model Railroad Equipment and Accessories intended for use by adults.
    • High quality exclusive models of trains in Z scale (1:220)
Ready to assemble kits
Upgrade Kits • For Marklin GG-1
#ZMO-11000   GG-1 Upgrade Kit
• Improve the weight of your GG-1
• Ready to install kit
      $15.83 retail ea. • $12.66

Weight Kit
Now In Stock!
Product information:
Made from 5 mm thick stainless steel sheets on an industrial CNC cutting machine and painted black for better look and electric insulation. For easy installation the weight inserts have adhesive tape applied to bottom side.
Product Info:
Improve the pulling power of your GG-1 with extra weight
Add 16 grams of weight; each piece weights 8 grams
You will go from the stock weight of 38 grams to 54 grams
Installs with adhesive tape, already applied
Made from 5 mm thick stainless steel and CNC machined
Fits Marklin GG-1 (GG-1 not included)
These locomotives have known weakness. Despite very big size and a lot of axles (6 powered), they have too low weight which leads to very poor towing capacity and unstable power pickup. Very specific construction of locomotive is also playing bad role - only part of total weight presses on driving wheels because separately attached metal pilot trucks don't participate in this. Result is predictable: towing capability of GG1 is comparable with small 4-axle locomotives like SBB RE 4/4 IV and significantly lower than one of Märklin's big 6-axle locomotives like BR 151, BR 103 etc. Märklin refused to use advantages of big size of GG1 and made too small and light metal chassis with insufficient weight (see attached pictures). I decided to fix this and developed additional weight inserts for these locomotives.
Practical tests show very nice results: improvement of GG1's pulling power after installing of additional weights is significant. For example, without additional weights GG1 can barely pull one Märklin 86501 track cleaning car (which is equal to approx. 10 4-axle "normal" freight cars). And after installing of weight inserts GG1 easily pulls two Märklin 86501 (equal to approx. 20 4-axle freight cars) without any problems at full speed.
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