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Congress enacted the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 and we must now note that these ARE NOT TOYS, AND ARE NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY CHILDREN UNDER AGE OF 14. These products are Model Railroad Equipment and Accessories intended for use by adults.
Extended Top 33' Rib-Side 2-Bay Coke Hoppers
Extended Top 33' Rib-Side 2-Bay Coke Hoppers Feature:
• Fine Printing
• Fine Injection Details
• Sold & Packaged as 2-Packs
• Realistic Loads by Hay Brothers
• Crystal Clear Plastic, Stackable Cases
• Full Throttle's Bowser Buckler Trucks
• Blackened Metal wheels
• Knuckle Couplers
These Extended Top Hoppers are based on prototypes created by Railroads around the Mid-Twentieth Century. Because of the time and hand-work involved with the production of these Woodchip Hoppers there will be very limited quantities!
Uncle Will of Full Throttle:   Recently, one of my West Coast Z Friends asked if I would ever consider making COKE cars? To his surprise, my answer was, "I already have them!" I always wanted to model a small COKE facility in Z Scale. When I worked with Harald Freudenreich (FR), I collected a dozen of his COKE wagens. And over the years I collected Z Scale buildings and components necessary to complete the project. At one point, after designing my small "woodchip" car models, I had Bowser make a run of COKE cars for me and anyone else interested. I had Hay Bros. make the realistic COKE loads and piles. Alas, poor health, shipping/supply woes and time, all got in the way, and I made no further headway. But because of my friend's prompt, I've decided to release this run of COKE cars which have been sitting on my shelves for almost ten years! I love these little buggars, and hope you will as well! There are 8 No.s, however, you may purchase them by the 2-pk. if you so wish. (The more the merrier at a COKE facility!) I've weathered the trucks in a grimy ash, and further "distressing" of the model will be left to hobbyist.
Coke Hoppers
#FT-2500   Coke Hoppers
• Extended Top 33' Rib-Side 2-Bay Hoppers
• Hay Brothers detailed loads & Bowser Buckler Trucks
• Blackened Metal wheels & Knuckle Couplers
All Four Sets

Set #1

Set #2

Set #1: Road #102, #146 • November 2023
Set #2: Road #117, #157 • November 2023
Any Set

Set #3

Set #4

Set #3: Road #124, #178 • November 2023
Set #4: Road #135, #180 • November 2023
Industrial production of coke from bituminous coal is called coking. Pulverized coal is baked for 15-20 hours in an airless "kiln", at temperatures approaching 2,000 °F, in order to "purify" it before use at the blast furnace mills, manufacturing steel. A "Larry" car running along rails above the battery of coke ovens dispenses the uniformly sifted coal chunks into a lidded port atop each oven where the coal is to be "thermally distilled." After the baking, the red-hot lumps are pushed out by a mechanical "ram" from behind, down a sloping exit platform and into a "Quench" car, which transports the mass to a nearby "Quench Tower" where it is showered with water to keep from igniting. Extended-top hoppers transport the coke to various crushing and screening facilities around the plant before it is stored in piles or cribs to be distributed via traditional rail cars among many patrons.
Need specific load styles to suit your layout?     Hay Brothers produces many different and very realistic styles available separately.
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